Stop feeling lonely and unfulfilled in your love life.


Before I became a love coach and mentor of countless women, I spent 20 years behind the chair as a hairstylist between Paris and Washington DC while listening closely and watching many successful women in their field struggling with love and relationships.

I couldn’t help but notice how many of my clients just like you were single, successful women in their field but were struggling to find and create a healthy happy loving relationship.

During my time behind the chair and as a love coach I understood how it felt to want love so desperately but it just continues to remain elusive. You watch everyone finding love, settling down, or starting families but the longer it takes you to find “the one” the more you begin to believe something is wrong with you.

Many get stuck in a negative loop of feeling like a failure, feeling rejected, and feeling alone.

I saw this happening repeatedly; beautiful women inside out rejected by love or self-love when everything around their lives seems like a success.

And to me, that wasn’t acceptable and that is why I dedicated myself to understand what makes the difference when it comes to finding true love.

I invested in look for the best mentors in the world to help successful women overcome those obstacles and find true love.

Now 10 years later I have helped many women rejected their past failures and embrace their new compelling future and create the exact like they always wanted.

This is the same process and method that I’ve now been teaching for 10 years and have helped my clients find true love, create healthy relationships and keep their love alive through babies, business and time.


"We are most alive when we matter"


Are you trying to figure out what it takes to feel like you are the one?  

Wondering how you got where you are now? And doubting yourself about being able to make things better?

Or perhaps you have given up on your love life? If that's the case, let's talk.

Your first session is on us...

Your first session is on us.